John Guy’s Original Crew Members

In my research of the Taylor family, I read about John Guy’s colonization of Conception Bay for England. In all the articles I read about it, it mentions John Guy, his brorther-in-law, Phillip Guy, and 39 male crew members made up of masons, carpenter, blacksmiths, and other apprentices.  Nowhere in these articles did it mention the crew members names. My curiosity got the better of me.

After much research, I found a book titled, “John Guy of Bristol and Newfoundland: His Life, Times and Legacy” by Dr. Alan F. Williams, Flanker Press Limited, St. John’s: 2010 that mentions the crew by name. In the book, it mentions that on October 7, 1612 Guy and eighteen of his colonists sailed from Cupids Cove to Harbour de Grace [ Harbour Grace]. These eighteen crew members would be 18 of the original 39 crew members. They are: John Guy, Master [no first name] Groute, George Whittington, Frauncis Tipton, Edwarde Perrie, James Holworthy, John Crowder, James Babacucke, George Davies, Thomas Rowlie, George Lane, George Vaughan, Thomas Taylor, George Wichalle, Wm Hadden, Barlemew Percevall, George Frewin, and Samuell Butler.

Later in the book, it mentions known colonists with John Guy between 1610 and 1613. By 1613 there were a lot more people at Cuper’s Cove than the original 39. Some of the original 39 that John Guy felt were not doing their job well were returned to England and others had replaced them.

My curiosity paid off since I found out that there was an original Cuper’s Cove colonist named Thomas Taylor. It would be extremely exciting if I can connect my father’s branch of the Taylor family to one of the original colonist members. At this time I have not been able to. The earliest family Taylor member Richard D. Taylor was born in Harbour Grace in 1750. I have not yet been able to find the names of Richard D. Taylor’s parents. I’m thinking Richard’s father could possibly be the one who would be the son of Thomas Taylor.

If anyone has information on Thomas Taylor proving a marriage and/or children that could connect to Richard D. Taylor of Harbour Grace, please let me know.


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