Helpful Hint #3: Wills are a Great Resource

When I found the Will of Richard Taylor (b. 1750, d.12/23/1827), I could not believe all the new information I learned from it.

  • In parish birth records his wife’s name is “Anne” with an “e” on the end; however, in Richard’s will, he spells his wife’s name with no “e” on the end; I’m assuming he knows how to spell his wife’s name;
  • The names of two children I did not know about;
  • The names of his son Jonathan’s son’s–there were four and one has a strange spelling: Rich’d;
  • The marriage surname of two daughters: Ann [Taylor] BEST and another is RUMSON
  • The name of three of his grandchildren: George Best, Benoni Taylor, and Patience Rumson;
  • The above grandchild Benoni Taylor was listed as child of his daughter Mary; that told me that Mary married a man with the same surname of “Taylor.”

Try finding the will of your relatives and see what new information you can find:

The Wills are listed on the Newfoundland GenWeb site at:

On the Newfoundland Grand Banks web site, go to the “B, D, W, M” tab and scroll down to “Will Indexes”


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