Helpful Hint #2: Research Log: Keep track of where you “don’t” find information

Over the years, I have found it helpful to keep track of where I “don’t” find information [research log]. Otherwise, I waste a lot of time looking in places that I have looked before (but not recently so I do not remember).  You can keep track of where you look for vital statistics and other family information on the Family Group Sheet or keep a separate sheet for this information.

For example, when I was looking for the marriage record for William Joseph Snow and Suzanna (maiden name unknown), the most logical place to look was in the St. John’s, St. Thomas’ Parish Marriages, 1852-1870, Box #2 but it was not there so I made a note of it.

Then I found out they were originally from Clark’s Beach, NL so I looked at the Clark’s Beach Methodist Marriages, Pre-1891 Registration Records, Vital Statistics, Vol. 39, Port de Grave District, 1837–1890. Interestingly, there was a Joseph Snow who married a Suzannah French on November 10, 1864, however they were from Bay Roberts at the time of marriage.  I don’t believe these are the two people I’m trying to find because 1) “Suzanna” has no “h” on the end of her name (could be a transcription typo); and 2) the children born prior to and after 1864 were born in St. John’s so it’s pretty safe to assume they were living there. [Some couples did marry AFTER a child or children were born so I cannot count this out just because they had a few children before the marriage.] I noted all this on the Family Group Sheet.