Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador

The Rooms at the Provincial Archives provides assistant to those researching their family genealogy. They have an extensive vital statistics collection. When I was visiting The Rooms in person in 2010, I found vital statistic records that I was unable to find online.

They have Voter’s Lists, Registry of Land Grands, Probated Wills of the Supreme Court, The Plantation Books, and Court Records. There is also a reference library.

For more information, see their web site below:

If you cannot go to The Rooms in person, you can request information on your family members for a fee.

If you are stuck on a particular family member, this can be a perfect solution. Years ago during my search on the Taylor family, I could not find the birth parents names of a relative to get me to the prior generation.  I requested the information from The Rooms and was successful when they provided the much needed information.

The Rooms are a great resource for your genealogy research needs.