Helpful Hint #1: Create A “Family Group Sheet” for each Family

When you do your genealogy research, it is a good idea to create a “Family Group Sheet” for each family. [See the “William Joseph Snow Family Group Sheet” under the “Pages” menu on the right for an example.]

The Family Group Sheet should list all the vital statistics on each family member. Just as important, it should include where you found the information. All vital statistics and other family information should always be re-confirmed by you if you get the information from a third party. That way, if a family member disputes your finding, you will be able to tell them exactly where you found and confirmed the information.

You can also list “notes” on family members as I did. For example, under my first entry on the “William Joseph Snow Family Group Sheet,” under William Joseph Snow, I note that he was known as “Joseph” not “William.” I know this because that is the parent name listed on his children’s church birth records.