Taylor Family Genealogy


The Taylor family below starts with the most current Newfoundland generation (my grandparents) going back in time to the first generation that I have been able to find. I have hit a wall at Richard H Taylor born in 1725 because I have not yet been able to find records to find out the name of his parents.  If you believe you are related, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

James Dalton Taylor, b. 11/4/1878, Bristol’s Hope, NL, Canada, d. 1/1/1947 married

Isabel Adams, b. 1/29/1882, Harbour Grace, NL, Canada, d. 12/26/1968


Hedley Taylor, b. 10/8/1902, Carbonear, NF, Canada, d. 3/?/1952; Sarah Lillian Taylor, b. 3/18/1904, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d. 9/2/1950; Rita May Taylor, b. 8/26/1906, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d. 2/27/1939; George Edward Taylor, b. 5/14/1910, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d. 11/20/1986; Laura Taylor, b. 9/4/1911, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d. 1/22/2003; Eugenie Taylor, b. 6/4/1915, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d.  12/18/2004; Mary Grace Taylor, b. 1916 or 1917, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d.  no record; Iva Grace Taylor, b. 11/17/1918, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d. yes; Herbert Vallance Taylor, b. 5/27/1920, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d. 1/23/2011; Helen Taylor, b. 7/1/1921, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d. yes.


Albert Taylor, bap. 8/2/1854, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. 4/6/1928 married

Providence Samways, b. 10/?/1858, Carbonear, NF, Canada, d. 2/7/1931


Sarah Ann Taylor, b. 12/15/1875, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d.  unknown; James Dalton Taylor, b. 11/4/1878, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d.  1/1/1947; Dorcas Elizabeth Taylor, b. 8/?/1880, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d.  unknown; Charles Edward Ladner Taylor, b. 6/?/1883, Bristol’s Hope, NF, Canada, d.  1957.


Moses Taylor, b. 12/7/1824, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. unknown; married [date unknown]

Naomi Pike, b. unknown, place unknown, Canada, d. unknown


Dorcas Taylor, b. 2/24/1847, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. 5/30/1885; Sarah Ann Taylor, b. 11/1/1848, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. unknown; Cicily Jane Taylor, b. 3/20/1851, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. unknown; Albert Taylor, b. 8/2/1854, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. 4/6/1928; Edmund Taylor, b. 11/10/1855, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. unknown; Susannah Taylor, bap. 7/18/1858, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. unknown; Rachel Taylor, b. 9/6/1860, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. unknown; Elizabeth Taylor, bap. 9/27/1861, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. unknown; Martha  Taylor, b. 9/5/1864, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. unknown; Samuel Taylor, b. 7/26/1868, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. unknown.


Joseph Moses Taylor, bap. 1/6/1782, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. 12/30/1820 married 1/1/1811

Jane Parsons, b. unknown, Town, Canada, d. unknown


Catherine Taylor, b. unknown, place unknown, Canada, d. 1/26/1899; Moses Taylor, b. 12/7/1824, Mosquito, NF, Canada, d. unknown.

Second Marriage: 1/12/1826 to Elizabeth Powell

Third Marriage: 2/3/1829 to Mary Hopkins


Richard D Taylor, b. 1750, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. 12/23/1827 married 1772

Ann Moors(e?), b. 1744, place of birth, Canada, d. 11/17/1819


Ann Taylor, bap. 1772, Town, Canada, d. 2/4/1855; William Taylor, bap. 1774, Carbonear, NF, Canada, d. 2/15/1835; Joseph Taylor, bap. 1/6/1782, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. 12/30/1820; Mary Noel Taylor, bap. 5/15/1782, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. 12/20/1865; John Taylor, bap. 12/11/1783, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. 7/12/1837; Jonathan Moorse Taylor, bap. 1/9/1789, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. 11/29/1852; Elizabeth Taylor, bap. 1/9/1789, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. unknown.


Richard H Taylor, b. 1725, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. 8/22/1780 married 1750

Julia [Last Name] b. 1726, Town, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. 3/25/1800


Richard D Taylor, b.1750, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. 12/23/1827; Robert Hayward Taylor, b. 1752, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. unknown; Henry Hayward Taylor, b. 1755, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. 6/26/1833; Joseph Taylor, b. 1756, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. unknown; Mary Taylor, b. 1758, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. unknown; Richard Hayward Taylor, b. 11/8/1759, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d. unknown; William Taylor, b. 1760, Harbour Grace, NF, Canada, d., 8/25/1843.



6 thoughts on “Taylor Family Genealogy

  1. Hi

    I believe that you may find that you are related to my Taylor Family from Tawstock, North Devon.
    From what I have read above I think that you will find your ancestry most probably from our branch from Bideford and Northam & Appledore. If not then our Fremington branch.
    Feel free to contact me for any further information you may require.


  2. Hello I am searching two sides of the TAYLORS One from Port de grave, related through marriage. and Taylors from Carbonear through blood line. Looking at the Taylor Genaology above it appears I have a William Taylor born 1760 England and died Aug 25 1843 somewhere around carbonear. Not sure if this is one and the same Taylor. My William Taylor married Catherine Pike (B1763 D 1848). My GGGrandmother was Catherine Taylor who married George Thomas Organ from Port Saunders who died in NOrris Point..
    \Any connections.


    • Judy Butler

      Who did Percy Hamilton Taylor marry? All I have in my database is a Susan UNKNOWN. Augustus Taylor and Louisa Peddle were the parents of Percy.


  3. I am a Taylor from Solomon Taylor/Elizabeth Giles Newfoundland/Carbonear line.

    Doing family history research.

    Great grandfather Giles Taylor married Francis Sheppard. Interested in information.

    David Taylor


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